Should You Choose Google AdWords Or Facebook Ads?

Ideally, you should not be forced to stick to just one advertising medium for your business since the more exposure you get, the better the results. However, be it budgetary constraints or a time deficit issue, businesses are often shoved into this funnel that they can’t get out of and so must choose. In the case of whether you should choose Google AdWords or Facebook ads, it’s just a matter of comparison.

Wishpond made a pretty good infographic detailing the difference between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. Though the information might be a bit dated now thanks to the ever fluctuating data coming from both medium, it’s still a pretty useful base of comparison that boils down to the following details.

A Case Of Percentage

Do note that these percentages might not be accurate anymore, but at the time of the data being gathered, there were over 2.925 billion internet users in the world. Of that number, over 90% go to Google, which has a 2.6 billion users compared to the 1.7 billion that Facebook has right now. At this point, both numbers might have already risen, but the fact remains that businesses stand a much better chance being seen via Google than Facebook.

Quite Customizable

In terms of data customization, both mediums are almost similarly effective at what they do. Since Facebook is more image-centric, it would obviously focus on different areas compared to Google, which focuses more on keywords and information. You will have to choose which type of ad you want to run.


The mobile industry is growing like weed, creeping throughout the internet and threatening to overwhelm PC users. As such, it only makes sense that businesses would want to choose an ad service that has a higher chance of reaching the mobile audience and that happens to be Google. Right now, nearly half of Google’s ad revenue is coming from mobile, which is more than the quarter that Facebook is sitting on. This means that you stand a much better chance at getting mobile exposure via Google AdWords simply because the company has staked more on that market.